Friday, Feb 03

Story of my Life

Hi, I am Alex Muchiri Karoki and I am 23 years old. I am the first born in a family of two, but I

have a huge extended family that I’m close to. I have loved coding since I was a child and I code

using Ruby, but I hope to learn Python language. I love to cycle and swim and take long hikes.

Most of all though, I love to be with people. While I am not good at being in a crowd, I love

building individual relationships with people and getting to know and celebrate the unique nature

of a person. My life path has led me through a diverse scenery; I have been a Sunday school

teacher, student, writer, workforce champion, friend, artist and so much more. As a Sunday

school teacher, I had the opportunity to teach teens of our church (cornerstone faith assembly

church) and had the opportunity to do mission work and participate in biblical plays (DRIME-
Disciples Ready In Mobile Evangelism).

I am currently studying Information Science Engineering at an undergraduate level and

graduating in December 2017. My education has provided me with a variety of information

systems knowledge and practical skills, primarily in workflows & data transformation, Java and

C++ development, Arduino development as well as database management. I also have proficient

skills with website design, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript development, as well as

Google Drive.

I have worked as a data entry expert at CloudFactory Kenya, before joining their workforce team

where I have been for the last 3 years. My work history has provided me a variety of business

skills which allow me to relate to all levels of management and work successfully with a

diversity of personalities, different team members and with clients.

I taught myself how to code and I have had a strong desire to learn more about programming to

solve problems. I am highly motivated by knowing that desire is my best teacher.

All through it, I have learned that life is hardly ever what you planned it to be. Your attitude

towards the experiences you have is what matters, as well as your willingness to ever grow and

accept new lessons.

I consider myself to be a results-oriented, dependable, and capable worker, who is not easily

affected by job stress, and will be a strong asset to your department and organization in a variety

of duties. I am certainly receptive to any company training and I am a fast learner in any on the

job training situation, if required.

I have always held onto a quote by CloudFactory that says "love is desiring the best for someone

and a commitment to help them reach it" That always sounded like something I wanted to do. I

believe that talent is equally distributed to everyone but opportunity is not. I am willing to offer

my skills to others, to relate with different personalities, so as to promote teamwork and

empower others to survive under pressure in order to reduce in anyway the social predicaments

in my nation, as I help to grow communities and improve my skills.

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