Sunday, Jan 22

The To Do List

My 101 things to do…
1. Travel the world
2. Help the poor
3. Be a world class athlete / sports personality
4. Travel into space
5. Write a best selling book
6. Swim with dolphins
7. Win a big award, trophy or prize
8. Catch a fish with you bare hands
9. Make a discovery
10.Throw a house party when your parents are out
11.Learn that instrument
12.Storm chase a tornado
13.Get a piece of Art into an exhibition
14.Meet someone with your own name
15.Ride the worlds biggest roller coasters
16.Stage dive or Crowd surf
17.Get into the Guinness book of world records
18.Go up in a hot air balloon
19.Get arrested
20.See a space shuttle launch
21.Bungee jump
22.See an erupting volcano
23.Sky dive
24.Meet your hero
25.Stay in the best suite in a Five star Hotel
26.Experience weightlessness
27.Play a part in your favourite TV show
28.Visit every country in the world
29.Go on a safari…see Lions, Elephants…in the wild
30.Throw a dart into a map and travel to where it lands
31.Scuba dive
32.Milk a cow
33.Be present when your country wins the world cup
34.See both Solar and Lunar Eclipses
35.Become prime Minster / King / Queen
36.Learn another language
37.Read the greatest books ever written
38.Walk from lands end to John o’Groats
39.Score the winning basket / goal / try
40.See the all time greatest films
41.Live in the place you love
42.Get away with the prefect practical joke or hoax
43.Make the front page of the national newspaper
44.Drive a sports car at top speed
45.Save someone’s life
46.Invent a word that make it into the dictionary
47.Have enough money to do all the things on this list
48.Learn to fly an aeroplane
49.Get a tattoo and / or piecing
50.Invent something
51.Learn astronomy and read the night sky
52.Build you own house
53.Run a marathon
54.Conquer your fear
55.Get married
56.Get something named after you
57.Get revenge
58.Be a film extra
59.Reach 100 years of age
60.Have children
61.Write a diary / blog
62.Send a message in a bottle
63.Run up a escalator the wrong way
64.Learn how to tell when someone fancies you (and when they don’t)
65.Learn to ride a horse…camel…what ever…
66.Go back in time
67.Learn how to cook
68.Write a song
69.Invent a new trend
70.Plant a tree
71.Start a band
72.Become a spy
73.Build your own website
74.Start your own business
75.Visit Africa
76.Buy a house
77.Make a movie
78.Learn to sail / surf

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